University of Genoa, STOREP Conference, 2018
I am a philosopher of economics interested in the economics of scientific knowledge and the political economy of intellectual property. Currently, I am working on the consequences of the processes in which Web 2.0 platforms transform "knowledge as commons" into "knowledge as private property" through blockchain and big data technologies. Two of my works-in-progress are "Fantasies, Crimes, and Profits: How the Idea of Self-Correction Makes the Markets of Intellectual Property Work" (co-authored with B. A. Mercan) and "Commodification 2.0: How Does Spotify Provide Its Services for Free?" (co-authored with O. Kasap).

You may want to visit my public profiles at Google Scholar and for the full-texts and preprints of my publications. I am also on Twitter. You can follow my tweets on research ethics in economics at If you're somebody who would like to offer me a dream job, you would probably need my full CV. Then, send me an email at

Briefly about myself: I earned a PhD degree in Economics and Philosophy from the Erasmus Institute for Philosophy and EconomicsErasmus University Rotterdam in 2009. (My supervisors were Arjo Klamer, Deirdre N. McCloskey, and Jack J. Vromen.) During the 2011-2012 academic year, I was a visiting scholar at the Cambridge Social Ontology Group of the University of Cambridge, working on a post-doctoral research project, entitled “Philosophizing Economics.” Currently, I am a member of the Economics Department (Mülkiye) of Ankara University.